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Congratulations unsung heroes: Lindsey and Elizabeth Miller

Seattle’s Child recognizes the wonderful, everyday heroes nominated for the Washington Unsung Hero Awards this month.


February is Parent Recognition Month. Strengthening Families Washington, of the Department of Early Learning for Washington State, believes there is no better way to recognize a parent, grandparent, foster or adoptive parent than by acknowledging the numerous and impressive things they do to strengthen their family and those around them in their community.

Seattle’s Child is proud to sponsor the Washington Unsung Hero Awards, recognizing our everyday heroes and honoring the important role caregivers play in children’s lives. There are 28 nominees for the 28 days of February, and Seattle’s Child will highlight each and every one.


Congratulations to the Unsung Hero for February 7

Lindsey & Elizabeth Miller Seattle

Elizabeth and I became friends almost four years ago, when our sons were infants. As I watched her son grow, I was consistently impressed with the way that she and her husband Lindsey knew and cared for his particular needs. He grew older and they noticed signs that his development was not quite as they expected; they immediately sought support from their pediatrician and began early and aggressive interventions for autism. Thanks to their proactive and consistent efforts, their son has developed impressive communication skills. 

Elizabeth and Lindsey continue to research and read everything they can about autism, communication and social skills development. Every new strategy is immediately applied in their interactions with their son. Watching them together, I can tell that they are constantly thinking about ways to help him grow with compassion and gentle encouragement. Thanks to their advocacy and thoughtful care, their son is a thriving, happy child with a large circle of friends.

Elizabeth and Lindsey’s tireless support for their son is particularly impressive when considered with the background of other challenges in their life: the birth of twin daughters last year and Elizabeth's own recent surgery for a neck injury. With no local relatives, the large network of friends and supporters they have built has rallied to support the family. I was moved to receive a note from Elizabeth just after her surgery to arrange a playdate so that her son would have some time to socialize with friends while school was not in session. Their personal resilience and devotion to their family are an inspiration to me.

Nominator: Teresa Sherwood

Singing the Praises of Our Unsung Heroes

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