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Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day 2022: Food, gift and activity ideas around Seattle

Ideas for meals, fun activities and ways to show your affection.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, 2022.

There are more events and activities to choose from than in previous years. It’s an exciting time to celebrate these special days.

What do moms really want? Some moms aren’t great at telling us. But in many cases, they don’t want a lot: Maybe a chance to sleep in, a heartfelt show of appreciation, something handmade. (Lavendar sachet, anyone? Here’s a how-to.)

A couple of general tips: If you’re going somewhere, plan ahead. If you’re cooking, read the recipe and know your chefs’ abilities. Whatever you do, put your heart into it!

[ Speaking of mothers, author Angela Garbes, in her new book, “Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change,” argues that mothering is the most important job in the world. We don’t diagree! Read a review of the book. ]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2022: Events and activities

An outing is always fun. Go to the zoo or aquarium — or maybe a museum or some other attraction you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

If mom is into plants and gardening head on over to the annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. It’s a fundraiser for the garden, but also a place where you will find some special plants. There are activities for the kids too! Have them play while you browse.

Sometimes a walk in the garden around town and enjoying a few moments among the spring blooms is the perfect way to spend the day — with family or without. Check out our list of gardens and choose a few to explore.

Feeling like going into the city? One of our favorite places to visit is Pike Place Market. Moms, you’re in luck! There’s an event called Mom’s Market Day  a weekend full of activities for the whole family and plenty of shopping opportunities for mom.

Maybe this year the whole family would like to do a fun run. Join the  Mother’s Day half-marathon in Kirkland. The run begins and end at Juanita Beach Park. Run to the finish line and stay for a picnic at the park.

There’s so much more to do! Check out the Seattle’s Child calendar for more Mother’s Day events and outings with the family.

Mother’s Day 2022: More things to do

Go on a hike! Enjoy some time in nature — alone or with the family. Fresh air and a little exercise can put a lot into perspective and is a good way to bond with one another. Try one of these easy spring hikes for all ages and abilities.

Try something new like feeding a kangaroo or a cute wallaby. The kangaroo ranch in Fall City will have you feeling lovey, dovey and cuddly.

How about treating mom to a weekend away? Sometimes a little time to yourself is what’s need or a weekend to celebrate motherhood with friends. Check out these local destinations that aren’t too far from Seattle. These are great family destinations too!

Take to the water! Seattle has so many options to set sail. Check out the ice cream cruise, or rent an hour on a peapod from the Center for Wooden Boats. Here’s a list of experiences to help you start planning.

Mother’s Day 2022: What to eat

One popular option is the Mother’s Day brunch. Let someone else do the cooking for you and dine inside or out around the Seattle area. If you’re going to take Mom out, call ahead. Like right now! Check out our list of brunch spots around the Seattle area.

Of course, what’s adorable (right?) is when the kids do the cooking. A couple years back, we talked to some kids with some ambitious plans for Mom. Not everyone is at their level. I’m not above dropping a blatant hint like: “Here’s how to operate the coffeemaker,” or “Here’s how I place my order at the coffee drive-thru.”

Or send the kids off to cooking school right before the big day. PCC is offering cooking classes for kids (and mom) at various locations around the Seattle area. Local chefs teach kids to make popovers and biscuits with jam. Add some bacon and eggs and that’s an amazing and easy meal to impress mom.

Or in honor of spring, why not a picnic? We just got some great new picnic ideas from a chef and cookbook author.  And here are a handful of our favorite places to go.

Mother’s Day 2022: Gift ideas

(Note: For your information/inspiration, a roundup of ideas that have landed in our inboxes. This does not imply endorsement or recommendation: just things to think about!)

Seattle’s Theo Chocolate is offering a limited edition Mother’s Day box of treats. You can order online of visit their store for this and a variety of other items. It has come to our attention that Gene Juarez Salons & Spas is offering gift cards with a bonus amount added on. Just sayin’.

Seattle-based Tokki wants everyone to know about its gift sets for Mother’s Day (or anytime) including luxury vegan coconut soy wax candles, specialty foods and teas, spa pampering goods and … wait for it … cotton face masks!

Don’t forget the flowers! There’s Pike Place Market and there’s downtown Issaquah. They have the sweetest, most beautiful way to honor a mom (or anyone!). From spring into fall, along Front Street in downtown Issaquah the light poles are adorned with flower baskets. For a donation beginning at $50, people can hang a basket in a loved one’s honor. Hurry! This opportunity ends April 29.

This story was originally published on April 26, 2022. 

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