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Printing T-Shirts to Feed Hunger

WHS Student Uses Design Skills to Create T-shirts for a Worthy Cause

Madison Chan, is a 17-year-old Junior at Woodinville High School. Chan heard about Washington’s plans for social distancing in March. She knew that the pandemic would have a large impact on communities all over the Seattle area.

Madison Chan wearing one of her shirts.

Madison Chan wearing one of her shirts.

“From the start of this period of social distancing, I knew that I wanted to serve my community. But the hardest part was knowing where to start,” said Chan.

After learning about, a clothing and product related fundraising site, she decided to combine her talents in graphic design and fashion to help make donations to the Washington Food Fund.

Chan describes the Washington Food Fund as an overarching organization that distributes food to banks and pantries, helping maintain supplies for communities state-wide. Setting a goal to raise $5.5 million Washington Food Fund will use these donations to provide supplies to families in high-risk categories, suffering from income-loss due to the pandemic.

“Food is something that connects us as humans,” said Chan. “We all need to eat to survive and no one should ever have to go to bed hungry because of their financial situation.”

Hoping to finish orders in June, Chan wants everyone to check out her t-shirts and other products for purchase. Her unique designs are currently for the city of Woodinville and Seattle. She will consider expanding to other cities once her current campaign is complete.

Chan encourages students like herself to “get creative, find an area of need, and serve! Anyone can make a difference in the world and you will never run out of needs to fulfill…We truly are stronger together.”

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