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Seattle mom supporting anti-racist movement with time, supplies

Sam I'Am and her 6-year-old son accept donated goods to be handed out on Capitol Hill.

Sam I’Am and her 6-year-old son have had a replenishing station at Cal Anderson Park for the past few weeks. They supply medical supplies, food and water to anti-racism activists at what has become the center of an ongoing protest in Seattle.

I’Am takes in donations from neighbors and friends in an effort to support the anti-racist movement. “I’m a white person, but also a queer person. I understand my privilege to help the Black community, like black and brown trans people helped mine.”

I’Am believes she needs to be there to show support for the cause, even though peaceful protests have at times turned into dangerous situations.

“It’s hard to walk or get in the middle of the protest [with a 6-year-old],” said I’Am. “It’s very peaceful, but nighttime can be scary, especially when officers escalate by raising riot shields, batons, and put on gas masks.”

I’Am believes that “it’s important to talk to our white children about how we need to do this for the Black community … kids are so much more understanding than we give them credit for.”

I’Am and her team are grateful for the support that they are receiving and hope that more communities, families, and businesses continue to donate supplies. She also encourages families to help pass out items to protesters. “It’s so great to see children holding signs and cheering” for the movement.

How to help: Drop off items or contact Sam on the Parents in Magnolia, Ballard, & Queen Anne Facebook Page to coordinate dropoff, pickup and cash donations.

What’s needed: Masks, cough drops, ear plugs, band aids, small ziplock bags, umbrellas, Powerade/Gatorade, Emergen-C vitamin drink packs, energy drinks, Advil/Tylenol, heavy-duty trash bags, individual saline solutions, individual hand sanitizers, chips, water, heavy-duty buckets, goggles, rain ponchos, easy grab & go meals, and hot meals for the evening.

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