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Spring Break plans canceled? Plan a staycation or virtual getaway


Families are canceling their Spring Break plans in light of travel warnings due to the coronavirus and the stay-at-home order, forcing many to rethink what their break will look like, close to home. This year it may not be about visiting an exciting or exotic place, but to share some special moments at home with family. Here are a few ideas to get you excited about your “staycation.”


Camping at home. Dust off your camping gear and spend a couple nights in your own backyard. Look at the stars, toast some s’mores, take advantage of beautiful spring evenings. The best part? You can always go inside if it rains!

Raining outside? Bring camping indoors! Put up the tent in the living room or make a fort for the kids to spend the night in.

Slumber Party! Invite your children to a slumber party at home. Matresses on the floor or pile up in the parent’s bed, watch a movie, share a story,  some snuggles and lots of laughter. Warning: Pillow fights may lead to lots of happiness!

Spa Day. Give yourself and your kids a relaxing day at home – paint their nails, give each other facials, let them have a few extra minutes in the bubble bath. Maybe even tackle that at-home haircut!

Lights, Camera, Action! Got an old camera lying around? Let your kids take hold of it to capture some fun family memories with videos or pictures. Have a family movie night at the end of the week and see what they’ve recorded.

Opposite day. Flip the script and have breakfast for dinner or dessert first! Let your kids make all the choices for the day and make it a staycation they’ll never forget.

Meet the Neighbors. Get some fresh air and take a walk in your neighborhood. Check out a street you’ve never been down before. Count the trees, identify animals, take in the fresh air, and say hi to a neighbor (from a distance).

Movie Night! It may be time to introduce the kids to Star Wars or Harry Potter. Perhaps, watch Frozen again or Onward! Popcorn, blankets, and a sweet treat will round out the evening! If you’re brave, let the kids stay up late too!

Museums still closed? Need some art therapy? Throw down a blanket and have your family take a virtual tour of 12 museums around the world. Google’s Arts & Culture Collection includes famous museums from the British Museum in London to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Extend your child’s learning by having them choose a favorite piece of art to recreate or write about.

Missing the animals at the zoo and aquarium? Lots of facilities, around Seattle and elsewhere, have live feeds so that you can keep in touch with our animal friends. Watch the bears on the Woodland Park Zoo live feed, visit the San Diego Zoo’s multiple live cams, and see the Seattle Aquarium “eyes” trained on harbor seals, with a fact sheet to accompany the view. Explore all the other videos with your kids, and make a splash creating your own aquariums and habitats at home.