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Charlie and Emily visit the area of Capitol Hill known alternately as CHAZ and CHOP. Visiting the area is a way to teach kids about protest and social change.

How Seattle-area families can help the anti-racist movement

Find the best way for your family to be part of change.

Here are some ways to participate, talk about social justice, and spark conversations about racism in America.

Vote: Learn about the candidates and make informed decisions. The city and state elected officials have the biggest impact on how local police departments are funded and maintained. Learn about your local representatives and vote for ones that are in alignment with equal rights. November 2020 will be a chance to vote for the next United States president. Take the initiative to learn about your choices and cast your vote online, via mail, or in person. Register to vote, encourage and help others to sign up as well.

Support black owned businesses: Shop at black-owned restaurants, bookstores and other retail outlets.

Learn and talk to your children about race: Teach your children about diversity and inclusion. Fill your at-home libraries with culturally diverse books.

Need a place to start? Read about one mom’s continued journey to teach her family about anti-racism, diversity and inclusion.

Further your own education: Pick up books on white privilege, racism, diversity and inclusion. Learn about race relations and their historical impact on society.

Can’t protest? Join families to help make care packages for protesters. Make it a project for your own family or check your neighborhood social-media sites for projects already in motion. Important things to include: ear plugs, gloves, mask, fruit, snack bars/granola bars, water, first-aid kits, plain-flavored Milk of Magnesia, umbrellas, hand sanitizer, trash bags and ponchos

If you can donate, choose to support a local restaurant and provide hot food for protesters downtown.

Hit the streets: Help with post-protest cleanup. Wear a mask and gloves and bring a trash bag. Help clean storefronts, repair broken glass, do what you can to participate in the aftermath.

Donate to a National Bail Fund to help protesters taken by police.

Check in with your neighbors and attend an organized family-friendly protest. Bring your children (wear masks and observe social distancing) and join in peaceful protest. Check out the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ/CHOP) to learn more about the movement and to volunteer.

Connect with organizations like YOUTH SHALL LEAD to hear how Seattle youth and young adults are fighting against inequity, discrimination and police brutality.

Use social media to support the Black community. Post your support and share resources and links.


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