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You can greet Grandma at the airport gate, if you follow these steps

The now-permanent visitor pass program allows non-travelers to go clear to the gates. Here's how to get passes for your family.

Planning to pick up a loved one at Sea-Tac Airport this holiday season? It’s once again possible to surprise Grandma at the gate! Up to 100 people will be granted visitor access each day any time between 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

In November 2018, Sea-Tac was the first airport on the West Coast to test out the Visitor Pass concept. SEA launched a three-week pilot project to let people who were not traveling that day into the airport to welcome visitors. The project was a success. 

“We absolutely loved our experience with Visitor Pass!,” says Tana Lehman of Lynwood. “Our daughter loved to surprise her Grandpa at the gate. It reminded me of when I was younger and we’d get to see people off or welcome them home from their journey.”

Get the kids excited for the big surprise with an art project. Decorate a welcome sign or head to one of these local kids crafting events to make something special for the loved ones in your life who boarded a plane just to see your faces.

To request a visitor’s pass, fill out this form in advance. If your request for a Sea-Tac visitor’s pass is approved, bring the QR code in your email and your TSA approved ID to the airport. You’ll still have to go through security, so arrive early if your guest lands at a peak travel time. Here are a few Seattle’s Child pro tips for passing time at Sea-Tac Airport with restless little kids.

For more information on the SEA Visitor Pass, check out the Port of Seattle’s detailed FAQ page.