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Published January 2, 2013
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Editor’s Note: January 2013


If we are lucky, January will be that most blessed of things – ordinary. 

We’ll get to coax kids to wake up and go to sleep, sit still and get moving, talk to us and stop interrupting. We’ll hold them close and urge independence, applaud the first few steps and shed tears as we send them back to college.  Every day we will lose our patience, doubt our ability to be a “good” parent, wonder if our kids are OK. Whether we take it or not, we will get thousands of chances to give our kids a hug and inhale their sweetness.  

Most of us will be fortunate enough to get to go to the grocery store, make toast, pack lunches and cook dinner over and over and over again. Kids bouncing off the walls and on the beds may allow us to yell for quiet repeatedly. We might even get to be gridlocked in traffic so that fragments of illuminating conversation waft to our ears from the back seat of the car.

Chances are we can take at least one walk with a loved one in pelting, freezing rain. And seize a moment to sit on the couch and read a story together. Some of the luckiest among us will be able to skip setting our alarms because toddlers will serenade the new day – hours before dawn. And others will be given the opportunity to savor the quiet peace of the night as we listen for the front door to open to tell us our teen is safely home.

If we are lucky, January will be that most blessed of things – ordinary.

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