Seattle's Child

Your guide to a kid-friendly city

“Seattle is my town. I know this city inside and out… 
or so I thought until I had kids.”

Seattle’s Child is your guide to getting to know your city all over again. Finding things to do, places to eat, and how to get around — it’s a whole new ballgame with kids in tow. We’re interested in how parents make homes in a space-challenged urban environment, how families create community, and what parents are talking about. Seattle’s Child reflects real Puget Sound families and their broad range of parenting experiences.

Since 1979, Seattle’s Child has been informing, empowering and educating local parents. Seattle’s Child magazine publishes monthly, with a combined issue in June and July. Our special directories, including Baby, SummerTime, Explore, School and FamilyPages, publish annually. As a free resource, you can find us in family-frequented locations like libraries, community centers, grocery stores and street-side newsboxes.