Villa Academy


5001 NE 50th St, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Villa Academy is a Preschool through 8th Grade independent school community located on 31 acres in northeast Seattle. We are intentionally diverse and inclusive, and our dedicated staff challenges and supports our students through differentiated educational experiences,  student wellness, and inspired curiosity.

Villa Academy is the only independent school in the city of Seattle that offers this dedication to the holistic development of children: mind, body, and spirit.

Dedicated to dynamic, inquiry-based learning, which translates to academic excellence, Villa Academy simultaneously tends to whole-person growth and integrated health, informed by clear and compelling research on the powerful influence of nature, spirituality, and social-emotional intelligence on academic thriving. Our empowered students become stewards of their lives, caretakers of their mental and social wellbeing, and guardians of the environment. Villa firmly stands in commitment to the transformative power of our Cabrinian tradition of “education of the heart.”

What parents love…

  • Small classes that benefit each learner, highly educated and supportive faculty that meet the individual needs of all Villa students, an engaged and compassionate community

  • Outstanding, inquiry-based academics that feature STEM, project-based learning, and outdoor education

  • A connected community that provides numerous leadership opportunities for students that facilitate self-reflection and whole-child growth

  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging

What kids love…

  • Engaged, active l beyond the desk and classroom—explore and discover the wonders of our campus forest, trails, gardens, and Lake Washington waterfront.

  • Competitive sports, a state-of-the-art multipurpose athletic field,  and multiple playgounds

  • Art, music, PE, and world language are built into a daily schedule