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Pottery painting: An adult and three kids show off their creations at the Paint The Town outdoor table

Paint the Town has two outdoor tables. Photo courtesy of Paint the Town

Drop by a pottery painting studio or take home a kit

Make some beautiful hand-crafted gifts

Pottery painting is a great way to spend a couple of hours with kids. With easy to use paints, your kids can turn things like mugs, picture frames and dishes into gifts that are a lasting hit with grandparents, uncles and aunties. They can add color to a cute ceramic animal, make tiles to be added to a home or garden improvement project, or make the best-looking water dish ever for the family pet.

It’s the rare activity that appeals to teens and adults as well as young elementary kids.

What’s more, several pottery painting places around the Seattle area are open despite the pandemic. Some provide have places you can sit and work safely, while others let you make a kit online that you can use at home. It’s advisable to call before you show up.

Putting a kit together is an exercise in planning. Not only do you and your family have to choose what you are going to paint, but you also have to figure out what colors you are going to need.


Paint the Town 

4611 NE University Village St

This studio in University Village has two outdoor tables as well as three tables where you can sit indoors. If you’d rather do your work at home, you can buy a kit with everything you need, and pick it up and drop it off through curbside service.


Anecdotes Pottery Studio

5129 Ballard Ave NW

This Ballard business offers free delivery for kits, as well as curbside pickup for those who live outside the delivery range.


Emerald City Fired Arts 

3333 Rainier Ave S

Emerald City is open with indoor seating for walk-ins Tuesday to Sunday, and by appointment only on Mondays. They do clay art, mosaics and glass fusion as well as paint-your-own pottery. Kits are available on request.


Paint Away 

7345 164th Ave NE i-130, Redmond

Open for in-store painting. Pottery-to-go is available, with curbside pickup.


Mudhouse Pottery Painting  

317 NW Gilman Blvd #40, Issaquah

Open for in-store painting. (You can reserve in advance if you wish.) Kits are also available.


Glazed and Amazed 

514 Main St, Edmonds

This ceramics painting and glass fusing studio is open with indoor and outdoor seating. They also have paint-at-home pottery kits, along with acrylic canvas paint-at-home kits, and a clay gnome take home kit.


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