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Photo: Richard Cassan / Creative Commons

Day hikes within 90 minutes of Seattle

Beautiful, interesting and easy-to-reach places to wander in the woods

One of the most precious things about living in Seattle is our proximity to natural beauty, especially outdoor activities! These fantastic day hikes can be reached in roughly 90 minutes or less of a drive from the city. That means you can head out, hike, and return home by the evening!

Tip: Bring hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and wet wipes to be safe!

Note: Check trail conditions before you go! You’ll want to be aware of snow, washouts, or other last-minute trail changes.

Annette Lake. Photo by Peter Stevens

Annette Lake

North Bend’s lovely Annette Lake offers stellar mountain views and a sweet waterfall. If you go in the fall, the foliage is stunning and the waterfalls and mountain views aren’t too shabby either. Northwest Forest Pass required.

Trail Length: 7.5 miles, roundtrip

Elevation: 1400 foot elevation gain

Bathroom: Toilet at trailhead

Boulder Wilderness. Photo by pfly

Boulder River Wilderness

Boulder River’s superbly gentle grade and beautiful waterfall views make it the perfect hike with little kids. Though there aren’t great mountain views, the forest itself is beautiful. Caution during the drive there, there are quite a bit of potholes (not too deep), but it will take you longer to get through that road. No pass is required.

Trail Length: 8.6 miles, roundtrip

Elevation: 700-foot elevation gain

Bathroom: Yes

Little Si. Photo by Tim Regan

Little Si

Snoqualmie’s lovely small twin sister to Big Si, Little Si is a relatively short day hike that still offers stellar mountain views. Though a very popular trail because of its closeness to Seattle and the Eastside, Little Si is a great hike for aspiring kid adventurers to dip their toes into a rockier hike. Discover Pass required.

Trail Length: 3.7 miles, roundtrip

Elevation: 1300 foot elevation gain

Bathroom: Toilet at the trailhead – no sink (bring a hand sanitizer or wet wipes)

Talapus Lake. Photo by Sean Munson

Talapus Lake

The Talapus Lake trail has a moderate elevation gain and a wide trail, perfect for elementary-age hikers or beginner adults. The real payoff? The surreal, gorgeous views of the lake at the end. Northwest Forest Pass required.

Trail Length: 6.2 miles, roundtrip

Elevation: 1220 foot elevation gain

Bathroom: Toilet at trailhead


round lake on a clear day.

Round Lake on a clear day. Photo credit hikeinthepnw

Tradition Lake Loop

Issaquah’s very gentle, three-mile Tradition Lake Loop has sweet lake views and a minor elevation gain – perfect for getting the littlest hikers out on the trail. Discover Pass required.

Trail Length: 2.9 miles, roundtrip

Elevation: 150-foot elevation gain

Bathroom: Toilet at trailhead



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