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family boat trips

Photo courtesy of Center for Wooden Boats

5 fun family boat trips and adventures around Seattle

From water taxis to cruise ships, there's plenty to explore and experience.

Family boat trips:

1. Zip over to Vashon Island or to West Seattle aboard the King County Water Taxi at Pier 50 on the Seattle Waterfront. At $5.75 per ride (free for kids 5 and under), it’s an inexpensive way to sail away.

2. Want to wow the young boat lover in your family? Visit the massive cruise ships that dock at Smith Cove and Pier 66 at Bell Harbor throughout the summer. Challenge: How many windows can you count?

3. Cool off with ice cream and other treats on the Seattle Water Tours Ice Cream Sail. You’re certain to feel the breeze on this 45-minute trip around Lake Union. Bonus: Pups are welcome aboard and frozen treats are available for them too!

4. Row, row, row your … peapod? The Center for Wooden Boats offers families the opportunity to cruise around in a wooden boat (called a peapod) on Lake Union for an hour, at no cost. Spots fill fast. Great for beginners. (We tried it, and here’s how it went!)

5. Get ready for some swashbuckling adventure aboard the Emerald City Pirates Family Treasure Cruise. Arrrr matey!


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Published May 5, 2022

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