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Lake Washington Boulevard closed

Lake Washington Boulevard between Mount Baker Beach and Seward Park will be closed to cars during various summer weekends. Time for a scenic family bike ride. (Seattle Parks photo)

10 Bicycle Weekends set for summer 2022 along Lake Washington Boulevard

Here's a great place for a family bike ride or walk.

Summer 2022: A scenic 3-mile stretch of Lake Washington Boulevard between Mount Baker Beach and Seward Park  will be closed to cars many weekends but open to people walking, rolling, and biking from Friday evenings through Sunday mornings, beginning May 20 and continuing into mid-September.

View the schedule here. (It’s generally two weekends per month.)

Here are the remaining 2022 dates:

  • June 10-13; 24-27
  • July 1-5; 15-18
  • August 12-15; 19-22
  • September 2-6; 16-19

It’s a flat piece of lakefront roadway that links several parks and makes a great spot for family bike rides and non-motorized scooters, skating, walking, and running.  The longtime popular “Bicycle Sunday” events, when Lake Washington Boulevard closed to cars, have become Bicycle Weekends and shut down the road roughly every other weekend throughout the summer.

(Here’s a parent review of taking the kids to Bicycle Sunday .)

The city explains the expansion of the Bicycle Sunday program, part of the Stay Healthy Streets program:  “The goal is to open up more space for people rather than cars as a way to improve the community and individual health.” Read more about the keep moving programs around the Seattle area.


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Originally published in April 2021

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