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Cyclists on Lake Washington Boulevard a new way to play in Seattle Parks this weeknd

Lake Washington Boulevard between Mount Baker Beach and Seward Park will be closed to cars July 24 to Sept. 8. Time for a scenic family bike ride. Seattle Parks Photo.

A 3-mile stretch of Lake Washington Boulevard is a biking and walking haven

Selected streets all over the city are reserved for feet and bikes.


A scenic 3-mile stretch of Lake Washington Boulevard will stay closed to traffic until the beginning of October.

Seattle Parks and Recreation announced on Sept. 4 that the street would stay open through the week of October 5. City officials are considering keeping it open on weekends after that.

The closure extends from Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park. It’s a largely flat piece of lakefront roadway that links several parks and makes a great spot for family bike rides. In other years, it’s the location for a celbration of human-powered traffic called “Bicycle Sunday.” (Here’s a parent review of the event.)

The city first tried out closing that stretch of road from June 25 to June 30.

During that time, city staff saw increased bicycle traffic when the weather was nice, but not enough to create crowding. People who filled out surveys said the lack of car traffic made it easier for them to travel down this popular route while maintaining a 6-foot distance from others.

More streets closed to traffic

Lake Washington Boulevard is the latest in a series of streets the city closed to through vehicle traffic.

The lakefront way is not the only byway where it is easier to ride a bike these days.

The city has closed a number of side streets to through vehicle traffic make it easier for people to walk through their neighborhoods and to provide a little more outdoor space to exercise in.

There are “Stay Healthy Streets” in 13 locations around the city. (To find the ones nearest you, check here.)

Some of them will stay that way permanently. (To help decide which, answer this survey by the end of Wednesday July 22.)


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