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Lake Washington Boulevard closed

Lake Washington Boulevard between Mount Baker Beach and Seward Park will be closed to cars July 24 to Sept. 8. Time for a scenic family bike ride. Seattle Parks Photo.

Part of Lake Washington Boulevard closed, reserved for bikes

Here's a great place for a family bike ride or walk.

Update, April 2021, Lake Washington Boulevard closed:

The sun is out, the kids are on spring break — time for a bike ride! The scenic Lake Washington Boulevard between Mount Baker Beach and Stan Sayres Park will be closed to cars but open to people walking, rolling, and biking starting April 9 through Sunday, April 18, 2021. Barricades will be removed on Monday, April 19.

It’s a flat piece of lakefront roadway that links several parks and makes a great spot for family bike rides and non-motorized scooters, skating, walking, and running.  The longtime popular “Bicycle Sunday” events, when Lake Washington Boulevard closed to cars, were suspended last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Seattle Department of Transportation will decide future dates for Bicycle Sundays 2021 on a monthly basis. (Here’s a parent review of taking the kids to Bicycle Sunday .)

The city explains the Stay Healthy Streets program:  “The goal is to open up more space for people rather than cars as a way to improve community and individual health.” And officials would like your input on the program via this online survey.


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