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Ah, celebrating Mothers Day…Weekend!

A local mom explains the rules

I have a secret. I would give anything for a plaster of Paris handprint with my son or daughter’s name carved painstakingly below the palm and a ribbon hanger tied into the top for Mother’s Day. It would mean that my kids aren’t really growing at warp speed, as they seem to be – at 12 and 15. I truly do not know where the time has flown.

Nowadays they are more likely to stick their hands in freshly poured sidewalk cement and run before the cement layer finds out than sit down and do a craft project for Mother’s Day. In fact, I don’t expect them to make or buy me anything at all.

But, boy, do I milk this holiday for all it’s worth when it comes to my kid’s time. The rules are simple:

1) They must make me breakfast in bed. (Oh, how I miss the black toast and mustard presented to me by my then 4-year-old daughter and the stale Christmas candy once saved – or at least found – and proffered by my son when he was 7.)

2) They must play with me – not all Mother’s Day, but all Mother’s Day Weekend. That’s right. My kids have to hang out with ol’ Mom for TWO days.

3) There can be no whining, fighting or complaining. If I hear any of these, they have to give me the weekend after Mother’s Day, too.

4) They have to clean the house, including their rooms. Before sunset on Mother’s Day Eve. Or I turn into an ogre.

5) They have to hug me, and not that awkward sideways teen half-hug. At least one real full-on 5-second hug.

6) They have to pose for a family photo. With me AND their father, even though we’re divorced. After all, he’s STILL one of my best friends and I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because of him. They’ll cherish the memory later. I’m sure.

Right about now they start asking me what I want to do on Mother’s Day and I’m probably going to choose one of my favorite outings at this time of year – a visit to one of these  botanical gardens  – 8 Perfect Gardens for a Springtime Stroll.

So warn your kids to get ready for some fun that mom chooses on Mother’s Day. Or, head to the garden – or the spa – by yourself and let someone else take care of the homefront for the day!

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