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Are we living in a "playdate society"?

Are we living in a playdate society? Mom and author Jennifer White seems to think so. In a recent Huffington Post article, White explains the “new normal” for how our children make friends nowadays.

Gone are the days of children grabbing their bikes and heading outside to play with other neighborhood kids until the streetlights came on. Today, moms are planning their kids' playtimes around their work schedules just to ensure their kids are making any friends at all.

There are a number of reasons why kids aren’t so quick to run outside anymore: for kids, growing online communities provide enough social interaction, for parents, letting your children run free outside doesn’t seem as safe as it used to be, so the playdate serves as a safe alternative

As a child growing up on a small island, I had freedom to explore and the lessons I learned from unsupervised play were invaluable. I wouldn’t have grown into a (sometimes) confident person if my mom was always there to make sure all the other kids were talking to me and, really, she didn’t have to, because we lived in a tight-knit community.

Living in a huge city like Seattle – even one that’s known for its “freeze" – makes sense and can be beneficial for parents and kids alike.

What do you think about our new playdate society? 

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