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Baby, baby, baby!

Baby, baby, baby! That's what we've got with the birth of three snow leopards to mother Helen and father Tom at Woodland Park Zoo this May!

The three cubs are behind the scenes, nursing and bonding with mom in a quiet den room right now. The cubs will make their debut mid-summer once they are big enough to venture out safely into their exhibit. Until then, we will share photos and videos so you can see the cubs growing up behind the scenes. For a look at more adorable photos, visit the Woodland Park Zoo website.

At 2-weeks-old, the cubs are a healthy weight, ranging between 2.1 and 2.4 pounds. We were able to determine that we've got two females and one male on our hands. Snow leopard cubs are born with their eyes closed, and our little trio is just starting to open their eyes. After the brief exam, the cubs were quickly returned to mom who is taking excellent care of them.

Woodland Park Zoo has a long history of caring for snow leopards and conserving them in the wild, since the zoo's first snow leopards arrived in 1972 from the USSR. Under the Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan, more than two dozen cubs have been born at the zoo and sent to zoos worldwide to help diversify the genetic pool of the managed population. By virtue of their majestic beauty, these cubs become conservation ambassadors that inspire people to learn more about how to save this endangered cat that is struggling to survive.