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Beyond Bonchon: 4 more places your family can get its fried-chicken fix

Lines at Korean fried chicken specialists Bonchon have been steady since the popular South Korean chain opened on Capitol Hill in early March.

Head there for incredibly crisp chicken and the soy garlic wings, or check out one of these other tasty spots the next time a craving hits:

Ma’Ono: incredibly spicy fried chicken sandwiches. 4626 Ave. N.E., 1610 12th Ave., 4437 California Ave. S.W.

Bok a Bok: Be sure to grab a side of kimchi cheese sauce and fries. 1521 SW 98th St., Suite D, 1427 10th Ave., 131 SW 153rd St., Burien.

The Wandering Goose: Don’t miss fried chicken Friday nights from 5 to 9. 403 15th Ave. E.

Chi Mac: Whole or half crispy fried chicken, in addition to wings. 4525 University Way N.E.


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