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Carrie Hansen ‘makes the world a better place’ in so many ways

This busy Tacoma mom is passionate about helping others.

Seattle’s Child is proud to partner with the state Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington to honor outstanding caregivers doing important work on behalf of children.

All month long, we’ll introduce you to Unsung Heroes from around the state: biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofits; some mentor others in their communities. Enjoy their stories.


Carrie Hansen, Tacoma

Carrie Hansen is my nomination for the Unsung Hero award.

Carrie is a single mother of two young men living with disabilities. She is the daughter of a teacher and the granddaughter of a teacher. Even before COVID, many of her days were spent schooling her son from home. She spends all of the phone time, making appointments and talking to doctors’ offices. She does all the driving to and from appointments and therapies. She prepares all the meals and does all the laundry. Her parents and her children depend on her. Even when she fights her own physical challenges, she spends her energies caring for her family and is always the rock.

Yet, amidst all the busy-ness, Carrie donates her time. She runs the sensory room at Point Defiance Elementary. She supports other parents in her community and beyond by always being there with a listening ear. She helps other parents to advocate for their children just as she does for her own.

Carrie has worked endless hours every year for as long as anybody can remember, helping her mom in her classroom before, during, and after school. They put on events for the students and families and volunteer for schoolwide events as well. This year, Carrie helped her mom learn to do online school – and her sons too. She reached out for help for her sons and has found success for them both through virtual schooling.

Carrie is passionate about helping others. Her mom runs the school garden. They work together all year to harvest and donate hundreds of pounds of food to the food banks and families in the school. Every holiday that comes around is a special occasion to reach out to their community with food and gift cards and supplies.

Carrie will occasionally see the sun peeking through the clouds or find a penny on the ground – she takes a moment to stop and celebrate the short life of her infant daughter, Savannah. She cares for her grandmother, her nieces, her neighbors, her friends.

Carrie is an inspiration and truly makes the world a better place.


Nominator:  Stacy O’Quin Kidd



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