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Caspar Babypants has a new album, and it’s perfect for right now

It's true: "What better time to sing about bugs and bugging out?"

This could be your family’s new quarantine soundtrack.

Beloved Seattle musician Caspar Babypants has released his 17th album, entitled “Bug Out!”

In the words of Caspar himself: “We are all sheltered in place because of a bug (virus) so what better time to sing about bugs and bugging out than right now!”

He continues: “Just LISTEN to it and DIG the weirdness and SILLY bits and you will feel GOOD I promise.”

So we did. We listened to it, we loved it, we couldn’t help but dance around a little and, yes, we felt good!

The songs are vintage Caspar, with titles like “Twist and Pout,” “Slugs in the Dust” and “Fuzzy Buzzy Buzzing Bug.”

Album purchase information (both CD and digital) is available on the website, including links to Seattle’s Easy Street Records. (Support both a local artist and a local business!)

In addition, his website Babypants Music offers what it’s calling the “Caspar Babypants Tiny Song Jukebox,” featuring videos of dozens of his previous hits available to play for free.

Full disclosure: Caspar Babypants has been a hero in my household for years, and this is not the first time I have publicly proclaimed that. I think he helped our daughter discover her love of music and movement. In her fangirl (fan-family?) days we followed Caspar to many a King County Library System branch and at least one Top Pot Doughnuts to join often-huge crowds of bouncing children and smiling parents.

As my child is 12 now, she is extremely cool (she would say “trendy”) and must keep up the illusion that she is way way beyond the simple silliness of Caspar Babypants. What she may not know is that I have safely tucked away her autographed CDs, and I did notice some smiles when I played these new songs for her.

Read also: Sydney Parker’s Q&A with Caspar Babypants in which he talks about his favorite song to perform and some of the weirdest things that have happened at his shows.

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