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Celebrate Summer Solstice with this easy DIY sunshine yarn weave

To celebrate the summer solstice, make a sunshine yarn weave with Make and Takes blogger Marie LeBaron!


Summer is on its way with Summer Solstice on June 21. To help celebrate the season, we’re making a sunshine yarn weave with paper plates to display around the house!



  • Paper plates

  • Scissors

  • Yellow and orange yarn



With your scissors, cut small ½ inch slits all around the paper plate, about 2-3 inches apart.



Take a length of yarn and thread it through one of the slits in the paper plate. Wrap it down on top of the plate and match it with an opposite slit in the plate. Turn the plate over and on the back, tie a simple knot with the loose end to secure it in place. Continue to wrap the yarn around to each slit in the paper plate.



To add another color to your paper plate, repeat the above step. You can add as many colors to your paper plate as you’d like.



To make the center ball to your sun, tie a small knot to the center grouping of crisscrossed yarn with a new piece of yarn. Weave your yarn ball in and out of each line in your paper plate. You can skip a few under and skip a few on top or go every other line. There are a lot of ways to design the center of your sun. When you’re done with the size of center, cut off your yarn and tie it off. Thread your loose end into the center to hide it.



Now you’re ready to celebrate summer! Have fun on June 21st with Summer Solstice and bringing in the season!

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