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Children’s Alliance Voter Recommendations Fall 2010

The Children's Alliance, an organization that advocates for kids and families across Washington, has released its voter recommendations, which best serve children and families in this election.

Here are the six measures Children's Alliance has taken a position on:

• Vote YES on Initiative 1098. The high incomes tax of I-1098 creates a stable way to pay for health care and education of kids, including early learning.

• Vote YES on Referendum 52, which provides money (and jobs) for better and safer schools.

• Vote NO on Initiative 1053. It gives just 17 out of 147 state legislators the power to block the new revenue needed to protect kids in these tough economic times. It's undemocratic and will lead to government gridlock.

• Vote NO on I-1107, which repeals taxes on soda, gum and candy that preserved services for children last legislative session. Out-of-state soda manufacturers are pouring money into Washington to get voters to reduce their taxes and pad their profits. If they win, services for kids lose.

• Vote NO on I-1100 and 1105, two risky measures that would lead to a tenfold increase in liquor stores in neighborhoods, wipe out money for health care and endanger our youth.

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