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Chow Down with Kids on Bainbridge Island

The best places to eat with kids after walking on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Located just a half-hour ferry ride from downtown Seattle, Bainbridge Island boasts an increasingly hot culinary scene. Clustered in the town area called Winslow, all the spots below are within a short walk from the ferry terminal as well as kid-friendly.

Start the day at Madison Diner, which occupies a fantastically retro 1948 dining car (and was featured on Guy Fieri’s Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives). Choose from a range of diner classics or, if you really want to blow your kid’s mind, order the wafflewich: eggs, bacon and cheese sandwiched between two halves of a Belgian waffle. 305 Madison Ave. N,

Or head to Blackbird Bakery next for locally roasted Herkimer Coffee and a Downtowner: a buttery croissant with caramelized, vanilla-infused sugar. Be sure to pick up a loaf of the excellent bread to bring home. 210 Winslow Way E,

For lunch, sandwiches at Hitchcock Deli are hard to beat. The staff prepares all of the high-quality ingredients in-house, curing and smoking their charcuterie and making their own condiments and preserves. The pastrami with a zippy fermented kraut is a classic, as well as the Carolina pulled pork, with housemade BBQ sauce. Salads and soup are also available, as are PB&Js for less adventurous kiddos. 129 Winslow Way E,


Bruciato began as a pop-up before expanding into its brick-and-mortar location.

At dinnertime, Bruciato serves some of the best pizza found anywhere around the Puget Sound. Recently opened by chef Brendan McGill of Hitchcock fame, Bruciato is a Neapolitan-style pizzeria that began as a wildly successful pop-up before expanding into its current brick-and-mortar location. McGill honed his pizza-making skills in Naples and as executive chef of Via Tribunali, and blends that knowledge with his own signature style and home-cured meats, creating arguably some of the area’s best pizza. Whether you stick to a classic margherita or try one of the more eclectic combinations, the whole family will leave happy. 236 Winslow Way E,

If anyone still has room for more, or if you just want to go for a ferry ride and an ice cream treat,  head to Mora Iced CreameryA perfect end to a delicious day. 139 Madrone Lane,

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