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City Report is a Telling View of Seattle Schools Performance

To read the full report of the by the City of Seattle Families & Education Levy Advisory Committee, click here: Recommendations of the2011 Families & EducationLevy Advisory Committee

The Seattle Public Schools released a comprehensive school report for each of its schools this year. These reports highlight each school's overall academic performance, academic growth, and school climate, as rated by teachers, students, and parents. In addition to the school reports, the district is using a new performance framework to measure schools based on their academic absolute and growth performance.

Schools are grouped into the five levels, with Level 1 being the lowest performing and Level 5 the highest. The map at right shows the distribution of schools across our city.

School levels are represented by the following colors:

Level 1 – Red

Level 2 – Orange

Level 3 – Yellow

Level 4 – Green

Level 5 – Blue

Note the geographic areas of low performance in our city, which are concentrated in the southeast and southwest sectors.

The release of the school reports and performance framework coincides with the first year of implementation of the district's new student assignment plan, which assigns students to their neighborhood schools. This system replaces a long‐standing open choice system in the city. It also means that many students and families will be force‐placed into a low‐performing school.

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