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Cubetto gets kids into coding even before they know how to read

Now, parents and preschoolers can learn to code together in a seamless and fun way!


Primo Toys, the leading purveyor of STEM toys for early years, released a free ebook.  It offers insight into coding and why parents should be teaching their children the basics from a preliterate age.  


Last year, Primo Toys introduced Cubetto, the first screen-less coding robot for toddlers. Using this friendly robot made of wood, a physical programming console, and a set of expandable coding blocks, Cubetto helps children understand basic principles of coding in a very age-appropriate way. Cubetto represents a major benchmark in the field of computer programming, as it significantly lowers the age barrier for learning to code by removing screen-based interaction.


This year, Primo Toys extended its coding universe with their new Logic Pack and Blocks – to be used to expand Cubetto’s world. A child’s logical thinking is taken to new levels with 4 new story books and Flash Cards filled with playful challenges of learning abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition and algorithm design.


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