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halloween costumes: witches in pointy hats

DIY Halloween costumes are fun and easy. Here are Seattle-area sources for ideas and help

You can do a lot with a cardboard box or a thrift shop sweatsuit

The very best Halloween costumes are homemade. You don’t need to be crafty to make them, either. You just need an eye for the essential details, a few basic tools (duct tape and glue guns are helpful for most projects), and the time to assemble parts from different places. Cardboard boxes are useful if you have a small child intent on being a train or a ship or some kind of vehicle, or robot — or robot vehicle.

Here are some resources for those who are at work on original costumes:


Goodwill and Value Village

The big thrift stores carry useful items like hoodies and sweatpants in all colors of the rainbow. These sweatsuits can be the base for all kinds of critter costumes. For example, add ears, a tail and some markings to a yellow sweatsuit, and you have yourself a perfectly serviceable Pikachu.

These places are also suitable for accessories, cheap plastic helmets or silly shoes.

Both stores’ websites (Goodwill and Value Village) are also a wealth of information and inspiration.


JoAnn Fabric and Craft

2217 N.W. 57th St., Seattle
Plus locations in Bellevue, Shoreline, Tukwila, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Lynnwood, Federal Way, Everett, Puyallup and Tacoma.

They’ve got a hilarious variety of fabrics and notions,  plus a variety of craft supplies that just might come in handy for your Halloween costumes. Need foam? Golden duct tape? Glue of any kind? Have a look around here.


Seattle ReCreative

8408 Greenwood Ave N

You never know what kind of treasures you will find in this Greenwood crafting oasis, so it’s worth taking a peek at what they have. Also, if you need space and equipment to assemble the costume, you can find it here. Seattle ReCreative’s maker space contains various useful tools, including a sewing machine, a serger and a mat cutter.


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