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Food banks: A station wagon full of donations to help families fight hunger.

A trunk full or food items heading to Northshore Schools Foundation Food Pantry.

Donations to Food Banks Help Families Over Summer and School Year

Woodinville family volunteers and donates to food pantry

Summer Oleksy and her family are helping make donations to area food banks, including ones in their own school district.

Oleksy purchases and collects donations from community members, many of whom she doesn’t know. “I’m surprised at how many people donate through VENMO and offer gift cards to help,” she said, “It’s so good to see.” 

Oleksy says she volunteers because she believes that “If we can all give a little something to someone in need, then it can brighten their day. It doesn’t have to be big, even the little things can fill a need wherever you are.” She also finds that her children feel connected to their community when they know they are helping other kids.


Jamison and Riley pack up the car with donations for a food pantry.


If you are in need of services, please contact your school district office for food pantry availability. Also, Food Lifeline is a good place to start looking for help in your area.

If you would like to make donations to food banks, please reach out to your school or local school foundation for more information. Want more ideas on how you can help your community during the Covid crisis? Visit Seattle’s Child now!

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