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Easy ways to introduce math to your preschooler — on Pi Day and every day!


 In celebration of Pi Day (3.14), take a few moments to engage your preschooler in an activity that promotes fun and learning with numbers and numerical concepts. It's easier than it sounds!

These fun and simple ideas come from Save the Children's Numeracy Boost initiative:


Point out and name the shapes around you – such as the square windows or the round wheels and asking your child to draw it in the air. Be sure to talk with your child about the number of sides to each shape.

Find patterns in clothing, rugs and other household items. Ask your child to point to and draw the shapes in these patterns. Have your child create their own pattern using shapes.

Allow your child to play and experiment with household objects like rolling pins, pots and pans, buckets and bowls. Stack them from smallest to largest or sort them by shape or function. Think about would happen if a bowl was not round but square shaped, and if a rolling pin was shaped like a cube instead of as a cylinder.

See? You don't need flash cards to do math! (Although it might not be too soon to start.) Start your kids young with the idea that math and mathematical concepts are fun, not drudgery.

You might know Save the Children more as a humanitarian/relief-type organization, but it also focuses on educational programs worldwide, including early literacy and exposure to math, to help them function in communities, work and daily life.



You could also make pie for Pi Day! Baking involves measuring and sometimes some calculations = math! Here's a recipe for Whoopie Pies. … And here's a fun one for apple/peanut butter tarts (with substitutions for different nuts or no nuts). 

And here are more everyday ways to make learning fun with a preschooler.