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Eden Hill Provisions: a French bistro that's kid-friendly

You might say fancy meets family at this new Queen Anne restaurant, the creation of a chef who didn't want to give up fine dining to go out to eat with his kids.

Four years ago, Maximillian Petty made his culinary mark on Seattle with Eden Hill, a new, American-fare dining spot on Queen Anne Hill. The award-winning chef had spent years working in the food industry and threw his expertise into launching a true fine-dining destination in his Pacific Northwest hometown.

Now a father of two young children, Petty is back at it again. He and his wife, Jennifer, have opened a new restaurant in the same neighborhood with the same culinary expertise. But there’s one key difference: the new restaurant will be truly kid-friendly.

Petty, 30, got the idea to launch Eden Hill Provisions, which opened in September at 1935 Queen Anne Ave. N., after walking around his Queen Anne neighborhood and realizing that there were no restaurants able to accommodate him, his wife, and their 1½-year-old daughter, Samantha, and 3½-year-old son, Thomas.

There were either kid hot spots, like Zeeks Pizza, or fancy, less child-friendly restaurants, like Eden Hill, he said. But nothing that could make both adults and children feel truly welcomed and comfortable

“If I wanted a glass of Champagne and Thomas wanted some chicken nuggets or mac and cheese, we had nowhere to go in my own neighborhood,” says Petty.

He soon recognized that if he wanted a restaurant like that, he would have to open it himself.

In February, he found the perfect spot. Cupcake Royale was closing and its space, right next to the Queen Anne Farmers Market, would be a great location for this new venture. Petty and his wife teamed up as co-owners and started the months-long process of opening the restaurant.

Today, Eden Hill Provisions is a French bistro offering casual, fine dining that is also extremely welcoming to children. There are rocking horses dispersed in and outside the restaurant, and, instead of paper and crayons, Petty said they plan to give each pint-sized patron a small wooden lunchbox with a toy set they can play with while waiting for their meal.

There are separate menus for adults and children, but the food is similar. While both menus have mac and cheese, the children’s version comes with cheddar instead of the fancy Gruyère cheese on the regular menu, and no fresh herbs. While both menus include milkshakes, the adult version is alcoholic.

“We’re using similar stuff, about the same exact stuff,” says Petty. “We’re just making it a little different, so the kids feel comfortable and the adults feel taken care of.”

These types of meal adjustments are certainly in Petty’s wheelhouse. In addition to his work in more traditional restaurants, he also served as a private chef for a family in Washington, D.C., and, of course, makes meal alterations for his own young children.

Eden Hill Provisions brings together his fine-dining expertise and kid-friendly food skills to offer a culinary experience welcoming for people of all ages.