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This is a coding camp run by the education nonprofit Mission InSpirEd, which now is launching an entrepreneurship contest for young people ages 10 through 18.

Entrepreneurship contest for kids ages 10-18; how to enter

Get all the details here, and sign up by Friday, Nov. 12.

Calling all teen (and preteen) budding entrepreneurs!

The nonprofit Mission InSpirEd is holding the Mission 2021 — Entrepreneurship Challenge, a contest for kids ages 10-18.

The nationwide event takes place Nov. 13-21.

Entrepreneurship contest: the details

Teams of up to four people are invited to develop and propose a product idea. The categories are pandemic, technology or education. These new products must tackle a current issue or an unmet need. The are two divisions: middle school-age and high school-age (based on the age of the oldest team member).

There are specific rubrics, and there will be professional judges. Here’s where to find all the details.

Presentations that meet the guidelines and surpass the judges’ expectations have a chance to win the grand prize of $400. In addition, there are smaller prizes of $100.

How it works: Participants record and submit a presentation on their business solution. Next, if it makes the shortlist, the team moves on to a second round. In that round, they will present to judges virtually and receive feedback in real-time.

Teams must sign up by the end of the day Friday, Nov. 12. The opening ceremony and competition begin the morning of Saturday, Nov. 13. The opening ceremony will feature keynote speaker Matt Crevin from TalkShop and a public-speaking workshop for participants.

Finally, it all wraps up Nov. 21 with final presentations, a closing ceremony and the announcement of winners.

If this piques the interest of you or someone you know, go to the Mission InSpirEd website to get full details and instructions.

Mission InspirEd is a student-run Seattle-based nonprofit that seeks to “create a launchpad for student success” and fight inequality in education. It offers free classes, tutoring and seminars.

Last spring, MissionInspirEd sponsored “Tales of Quarantine,” a youth art contest that garnered very interesting entries. Here are some of the winners.

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