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stay-at-home picks; superhero workout

One of Erika's stay-at-home picks: a superhero workout to do with your super kids. iStock photo

Erika’s stay-at-home picks for July 4 and 5

This week: service project ideas for kids, a superhero workout, and fun crafts with pool noodles and soda bottles.

Every week, Erika Bigelow picks five fabulous activities for stay-at-home days.

Crazy Cake

It’s the end of the second week of summer. You know what that means? Let them eat cake! Actually, let them make cake following this easy recipe, and then they can eat it. Made popular during the Depression, this delicious chocolate cake uses vinegar in place of eggs. Mix the ingredients together in the baking pan (fewer dishes to wash!) then bake for 30-40 minutes.


Make A Pool Noodle Rocket Flinger

It’s pool noodle season (summer) and we found a new, creative use for this seasonal toy. Cut a slender pool noodle into 12-inch sections, poke a rubber band through one end then loop it around the end of the noodle and secure with duct tape. Tie a second rubber band around the first. This rubber band will be used to fling the rocket. Make rocket fins out of craft fins and attach with glue, then compete against your friends and see who can fling the furthest.


Superhero Action Training    

You’ll be super fit both physically AND verbally if you complete this easy-to-follow training program. Join your kids to jump, skip, gallop, and stretch for 10 fun minutes every day. Cape not required.


Service Projects for Kids

Great conversations have been happening around the world lately. Now encourage your kids to engage their compassion and act. From growing extra food for your local food bank to creating care packages for those experiencing homelessness, there are lots of amazing ideas on this list for kids, which will empower them while they are helping others.


Epic Bottle Rocket

All you’ll need for this project is a 2 liter (empty) soda bottle, 3 pencils, duct tape, paper towels, baking soda, vinegar, and a cork to plug the bottle. Create packets of baking soda by wrapping it in a paper towel. Make sure it is a narrow enough packet to fit through opening of soda bottle. Pour vinegar into bottle, push in baking soda packet, cork it and get ready for the launch. Experiment with different amounts of vinegar and baking soda and find out which make the rocket fly the highest!

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