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Erika’s stay-at-home picks for May 23 and 24

Family Quarantine Interviews

Set your kids to the task of developing 15 interview questions about these unusual times, the pandemic, and your family’s response to the stay-home orders. Then have them record their interviews with everyone in your household individually using a smart phone or (old-fashioned) video recorder. They can even interview and record family or friends virtually. Then save videos as-is to your computer, or edit them into one recorded family time capsule.

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Water, flour, food coloring, gallon freezer bags, and shaving cream are all you will need to create this fun, non-toxic, washable ‘paint’. Simply mix the water and flour together inside the freezer bag until it is clump-free, then add the food coloring and shaving cream. Cut a tiny corner off the bag to use it as the delivery device, or transfer into plastic squeeze bottle. You can even put paint in small bottles and use a paintbrush to apply


According to the experts, ice-dyeing is tye-dyeing’s less messy cousin, and if that doesn’t warm the heart of every parent, I don’t know what will. All you’ll need for this fun activity is light-colored fabric (t-shirt, pillowcase, etc.), ice cubes, powder dye, a wire rack, and a plastic bin. Simply soak fabric in water, twist it into a crazy shape and place it on the rack over the bin. Pile ice on the fabric, sprinkle powder dye over the top and let ice melt. To set the pattern, just wash and dry fabric (separately).


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Take a well-deserved cooking break and put those tweens/teens to work on the family meal tonight. Main ingredients: a head of cabbage and a whole chicken. Chop the head of cabbage into one-inch pieces and place in a cast-iron pan (with a little vegetable oil underneath). Rest a whole chicken atop the cabbage. Add a few cloves of crushed garlic, part of a lemon, or herb of your choice to the cavity of the chicken, then pour some melted butter over the top and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place the readied pan in the oven at 450 for 75 minutes and go enjoy your free hour and fifteen before dinner. (Be sure to temp chicken at 165 F before serving)

Five(ish) Minute African Dance Lesson

Sneak in a little extra physical activity between school tasks for your little one.  This short but fun dance lesson has easy-to-follow instructions, the drumbeat is awesome, and the movements will get out the wiggles and bring on the smiles. Come to think of it, you should do it too!

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