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Family of four are enjoying breakfast together at home. They are all laughing while they have toast and jam.

Erika’s stay-at-home picks for May 30 and 31

Family trivia, blanket forts, painted walking sticks and more.

Family Trivia

A missed answer to a simple question led to the creation of a new favorite dinner game at our house.  Think you know your family members well? Their favorite color, their first word as a baby, their favorite family destination? You’d be surprised. Here’s how you play: Ask a question about each person at the table in turn. Anyone can answer or try to answer more than once. The subject of each question chooses the best answer. Include the family pets for an extra layer of hilarity.

Fantastic Blanket Forts

Are your kids asking for help building their next fort? Never fear. IKEA has put out 6 fun and free blueprints for easy to assemble forts. From a “camping tent” to a “castle,” you can create hideaways with simple materials around the house. Once they built their masterpiece, just add snacks and a good book.

Painted Walking Sticks

It’s the summer of social distancing, and for many families that may mean that long walks or family hikes are in the future. Make the adventures more fun with personalized walking sticks for everyone. Simply select an appropriately sized stick from a forest floor near you, take it home, remove any moss or loose bark, then paint it with fun designs and colors. Once it’s dry, it’s ready to accompany you on every excursion.

Warrior Workout

Calling all American Ninja Warrior fans! This fun video series is guaranteed to get heart rates up and muscles pumping. And after a few months of these, they’ll be doing the Wave Runner, Jumping Spider and Rolling Barrel with ease. Or, at least, they’ll have worked out their wiggles.

Pasado Pen Pal

It isn’t just the humans who have been quarantined. There are a whole lot of animals missing companionship and visitors these days, which is why the wonderful folks at Pasado’s Safe Haven Sanctuary have set up some pen pal opportunities. Choose a two- or four-legged buddy from the list and send them a note. They promise to write back. Speaking of which, I wonder how you hold a pen with a hoof?

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