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Farm fun little kids

Farm fun for little kids at Enchanted Farms in Duvall

Here's an alternative to playdates at the park: Playdates on the farm!

Described as a “playdate with animals,” Enchanted Farms in Duvall offers a unique experience for families looking for farm fun and activities for kids under 5. 

Enchanted Farms’ “playgroups” are 90-minute sessions costing $20 per child. (Up to two accompanying adults can attend for free.) The price of this excursion is a little high for our family, especially because of the time limit.

Watch all the animals at Enchanted Farms.

Farm fun: animals and activities

Enchanted Farms offers a truly immersive farm animal experience for kids. During the outing, kids get to feed rabbits, goats, sheep, and chickens. While there’s no feeding the alpacas, everyone gets an up-close view of them. This can be either in the barn or in their large outdoor space. 

Dig trough a sensory bin to discover toys underneath.


In addition to feeding the animals, kids are provided with four activity tables, all lined up in the barn. Children can come and go as they please. Activities include digging for small farm-animal figures in one of the sensory bins, or  creating a barn scene out of stickers and popsicle sticks. There are also farm-themed toys for imaginative play. The activity tables offer kids a variety of options, all from the inside of the barn.

farm fun little kids

Farm fun playdates for kids

Enchanted Farms is a great playdate option for families who want a small farm experience. The owners facilitate the group and guide families throughout the activities, answering questions and sharing facts about the farm and animals. There are a few times when the group participates in activities together, like going into the animal pen to feed the animals. Other than that, it’s a very casual environment and families can pick and choose what they’d like to do. 

A visit to Enchanted Farms is an all-outdoor experience, but the activity tables are in an undercover barn (with large doors that are open to the outside). This makes the farm a great destination for families who are still staying outside for group activities, but want some undercover options, especially when it rains.

The owners started the playdate offering as a way for families to build relationships. For instance, families could schedule regular meetups at the farm. However, families are welcome to come regularly or not. Signup is for each individual playgroup and not a series of dates.

Crafting at a play station

Farm fun: How it went for us

My toddlers and I headed out to Enchanted Farms for a morning playgroup this fall. It was a bit of a drive from our home in north Seattle (45 minutes to an hour). But it was a great opportunity to get out of the city and into a place much different from our neighborhood. 

Our playgroup started off well. However, my daughter was, unfortunately, bitten by a rabbit she was feeding. This was a great reminder that there are some inherent risks in visiting a farm. The owners put the rabbits away while I cleaned, bandaged and calmed my daughter. 

The group then moved on to feed the goats, sheep, and chickens in a large enclosed area. My kids weren’t up for feeding the rest of the animals, so we just watched the rest of the group from outside of the fence, with a brief visit inside the enclosed area while I carried them.

Farm fun: a happy ending

Later, we checked out the alpacas. My children enjoyed observing them  and explored the activities in the barn, digging through corn for animal figures, and then making an art project. As our time came to a close, the owner read a story (featuring, you guessed it, farm animals!) to the group. 

As we left the farm, I asked the kids what their favorite part was. Much to my surprise (though should I ever be surprised by my toddlers?) my daughter answered, “The bunnies.” 

So it’s hard to stay if we would go back. Perhaps if we lived a little closer, or the admission price was a little lower. Enchanted Farms could be for you if you’re looking to explore farm activities, interact with animals, and meet other families.


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