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Funny bunnies, bathing birds — and popcorn: Children's Film Festival Seattle, as seen by a toddler



Did you know that the Children’s Film Festival Seattle has short film programs for kids as young as 2 years old? Neither did I. My toddler had never been to a movie theater before, so I had no idea what to expect from her attention span in that setting. Turns out, the series of short animated films selected by brilliant Festival Director Elizabeth Shepherd was the perfect format for even the littlest cinefiles. 

It was probably unwise to let my daughter eat an entire bag of salty popcorn, but despite the strain on her kidneys, she managed to give a play-by-play of all the action between bites. Without further ado, please (try to) enjoy this unabridged ankle-biter (AB) review. (Related: A mom and two boys take in the film fest and have a blast.)


Seattle premiere of "Om Nom Nom." Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno & Tomoko Taiga, Japan, animation, 3:16 min, nonverbal

AB: “Dinosaur! Rawr! Dino poo poo?” 


West Coast premiere of "Koniguri-Kun Butterfly." Mari Miyazawa, Japan, animation, 2018, 5 min, nonverbal

AB: “Butterfly! Eating it?” 


"Becolored." Maurizio Forestieri, Italy, animation, 2019, 5 min, nonverbal. 

AB: “It’s a pig!” 

SP: “Those are doggies.”

SB: “No, it’s pig. Mine. My pig.” 


"Coucouleurs." Oana Lacroix, Switzerland, animation, 2018, 6:35 min, nonverbal

AB: “Birds taking a bath! Birds funny. Birds poop in the bath?” 


"The Last Day of Autumn." Marjolaine Perreten, Switzerland, animation, 7:20 min, nonverbal

AB: “Little Bunny Foo Foo!”

SP:  “Yes, and a turtle!”

AB: “NO. That’s avocado.” 

SP: “OK.” 

Bunnies ride a tandem bicycle. Kids in the crowd go wild. 

AB: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bunny so funny!" 


Seattle premiere of "KUAP." Nils Hedinger, Switzerland, animation, 2018, 7 min, American Sign Language and nonverbal.

AB: “Tadpole taking a bath.” (Shoves piece of popcorn in my mouth.) 

SP: “Thank you.” 

AB: “Froggie! Ribbit! Ribbit!” 

SP:  “Would you like some water?”

AB: “No water. Popcorn.” (Wipes back of hand across salt-crusted mouth.)


Seattle premiere of "The Dish Washer." Katerina Karhankova & Alexandra Majova, Czech Republic, animation, 2019, 7 min, English

AB: “Raccoon! Raccoon doing?” 

SP: “The raccoon is washing dishes.” 

AB: “Raccoon doing?” 

SP: “Washing dishes.” 

AB: “Sit on Mama lap?” (Crawls into my lap.) 

AB: “Mama! Mama doing?”

SP: “I’m watching the movie.” 

AB: “Mama doing?!?” 


"The Spinning Top." Shiva Momtahen, Iran, animation, 2019, 7:32 min, Farsi with English subtitles

AB: “I ate it all! More! More popcorn!” 

SP: (Whispers) “Let’s be quiet in the movie.” 

AB: “Mama doing?” (Crawls back to her own seat. Discovers she can bounce in the seat. Bounces.)  


Seattle premiere of "Miles Away." Barbara Brunner, Switzerland, animation, 2018, 3:30 min, nonverbal

AB: “Look! Go upside down!” (Crawls back to my lap. Stares unblinkingly at an older child sitting next to her.

AB: “Big kid. Big kid doing?” 

SP: “She’s watching the movie.” 

AB: “Tree! See? Tree mama!” 


West Coast premiere of "C is for Cars." Warren Brown, Canada, animation, 2019, 1 min, English

AB waves her little toddler arms and dances to music. The tune is a powerful earworm. Mama dances too.  

AB: "Cars! Driving! Carrot. Eat it!"

Film ends. 



"Why Z?" Asher Horowitz, USA, animation, 2019, 4 min, English

AB aggressively kicks the parent sitting in the seat in front of her. Parent generously ignores this behavior. 

SP: Are you ready to go home? 

AB: More popcorn? 

SP: Let’s go home. 


AB and SP leave at the 1 hour mark, missing the second half of films. AB passes out instantly in the car seat dreaming of dino bowel movements and bunnies on bicycles. An auteur is born.