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Get the new Seattle's Child app for places to go, things to do with kids

The simple, useful app for iPhone (Android version coming soon!) has everything you love from our magazine and website — and more!


We know you count on Seattle’s Child to keep you informed and entertained, particularly when it comes to things to do with your kids.

Now we’re making it even easier by introducing the Seattle’s Child mobile app, available on the Apple App Store® (coming soon for Android!)

We think you’ll turn to this app all the time, for everything you find in our magazine and on our website — and much more.

  • Got an hour to fill in Madison Park between appointments? We’ll help you find a playground or kid-friendly coffee shop.

  • Looking for a new playground in Ballard? We’ve got that, too.

  • In an unfamiliar neighborhood with hungry kids? Check out kid-friendly places to grab a bite.

“We are thrilled to provide this on-the-go resource to busy Seattle-area parents,” said Publisher Ann Bergman, who launched Seattle’s Child in 1979, when the Internet and cellphones were not even a gleam in parents’ eyes.

“Technology has advanced in amazing ways, but parents are still looking to keep their kids happy, healthy and busy — and we’re still providing that information, now in a variety of formats.”

Bergman partnered with CURIO to build the app, with simplicity and utility in mind.

CURIO, which was founded by Chris Chin and Cris Sierra, has focused on connecting people with their city by showcasing those places that make that particular city unique. As a dad of two daughters under 4, and an avid reader of Seattle’s Child, Sierra reached out to Bergman and the rest is history.

You'll definitely want to download this app: It’s your mobile guide to a kid-friendly city.

Let us know how you like it and how you’re using it, and be sure to look for our 60 Days of Spring Giveaways, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Seattle’s Child and the launch of the new app. The promotion will run April 1 through June 9, with giveaways posted on our homepage and social media daily: Don’t miss it!

Click here to download the Seattle's Child iPhone app or text “ROMP” to 43506.


Seattle's Child app allows you to filter by neighborhood 

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Try the map feature! Find a quick kid-friendly bite to eat, park, or thing to do near your location

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