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Long Beach kite festival

Henry, Nathan and Sam are ready to see their kites catch some air.

Go fly a kite: Long Beach’s annual festival is Aug. 15-21

Colorful annual Long Beach event draws both flyers and spectators

The sand and skies will be filled with color, competition and a few other surprises on Long Beach shores during the 40th Annual Washington State International Kite Festival, August 15-21, 2022.

It’s the largest kite festival in North America, drawing competitive flyers from around the globe as well as more than 100,000 kite-loving viewers.

Why is Washington a key place for competitive kiting? Our shores offer steady, strong wind. In fact, the wind is sometimes strong enough to drag the trucks used to tether the larger kites.

There’s a lot going on during any given day of this weeklong event, where high-flying action and choreographed movement include kite fighting, lighted kite shows, kite ballets, maker demonstrations and more. Kite buggies, blokarts and other wind-powered vehicles are allowed to run here so look for demonstrations during the festival. And be sure to bring your own kites to join this airborne extravaganza.

Don’t miss a visit to the World Kite Museum, the only kite museum in the Western Hemisphere. During the festival there are more than 200 kites on exhibit, from 12 different countries.


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