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graduation 2021

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Perspective | Graduation 2021: Cheering classmates from a distance

Socially distanced ceremony caps off socially distant, disconnected year of high school.

Graduation 2021: Throughout my four-year high school career, I found myself looking forward to the day that I finally got to graduate. I’d always dreamt of graduation as a joyous occasion celebrated with friends and family, rewarding me with endless memories to look back on. However, what I received was quite a bit different than I had imagined. 

Various restrictions were placed, in addition to current the COVID-19 safety protocols, for the duration of the ceremony. There were rules that limited interaction with other students and staff, such as socially distanced seats and minimal physical contact. In addition, there was a limit to the number of family members each student was allowed to bring, forcing many relatives to stay home. 

Not only was there a limit to what we were allowed to do, it also felt like there was a limit to how much we could celebrate. From the socially distanced chairs to the reduced crowd, I felt as if I was cheering my friends on from a distance.

It was much like the rest of my senior year, which I spent sitting at home staring at a screen, making me feel even more disconnected from my classmates. Yet another abnormal experience brought on by the pandemic, leaving me wondering how many memories I missed out on this year.

However, as much as I wish I could have had a normal graduation, I am still thankful that we were able to have one at all. Up until a couple months ago, I believed that COVID-19 was going to take all of my senior experiences away.

But now I will be able to look back on this complicated year and still have memories to cherish. 

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Taylor Moe

Taylor Moe is a class of 2021 graduate of Cleveland High School in Seattle, and will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology to study journalism.