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Green Seattle Helps Keep Seattle Forests Green

If you and your family really want to make a difference for the environment in and around Seattle, make The Green Seattle Partnership a first stop.

Green Seattle is a public/private partnership between the City of Seattle, the Cascade Land Conservancy and thousands of community volunteers. Together these organizations and volunteers work to maintain and restore Seattle's forested parklands land and reduce the threat of invasive plants.

Invasive plants – plants that were imported to the region from other states and countries and choke out native plants necessary for the health of our Puget Sound environment — are one of the biggest threats to urban forests in this region. In fact, English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, English holly, clematis, and other aggressive non-native species, have overrun more than half of the city's forest lands. Non-native vines, for example, climb up local plants to the forest canopy, covering leaves, blocking photosynthesis and weighing down branches or bringing whole trees down in strong storms.

Invasive plants closer to the ground choke out low native plants and prevent new seedlings from regenerating.

Green Seattle offers families numerous opportunities to get outside together and make a real difference weeding, cutting, composting and more.

To learn more about the Green Seattle Partnership or to sign your family up to volunteer, go online to:

Volunteer at the Green Seattle Partnership

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