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How much does it cost to be a "perfect parent"?

It’s common knowledge that raising a child is expensive, but BabyCenter’s annual Cost of Raising a Child survey shows that raising a child is now putting some moms into debt – 46 percent of moms to be exact. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average child costs $13,248 to raise per year. 

What factors into this high cost? Social media plays a part. Of all the moms that are active on social media, 35 percent feel inadequate compared to their parenting friends and feel like their lives are “not as fun." Therapist Jodi Zisser reminds these moms, “It's someone else's best version of an experience. They're not showing you the compromises and sacrifices they made to have that presentation."

Another reason for the high cost is the pressure for moms to provide their children with a well-rounded childhood that includes tons of extracurricular activities. 87 percent of parents want to introduce their children to “new things and experiences," but 1 in 3 parents are working longer hours to provide this. If you are able to provide your child with a “fulfilling” lifestyle but aren’t there to support them, is it worth it? 

Perhaps some of these parents should start focusing on some more important things. According to Leon Hoffman, a director of the Pacella Parent Child Center in New York, “What kids want most of all is a sense of stability.” 

It’s time we stop worrying about money and about being perfect and give stability to our children – for free

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