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How much screen time is too much?

Do you feel bad about how much time you allow your child to sit in front of a TV or mobile screen? A new article on The Guardian says you shouldn’t

Parents are advised that it’s not about how much time children are sitting in front of a screen, but what activities are balanced with it. A research study by a team of pediatricians, including Bellevue’s own Dr. Donald Shifrin, says that children are doing what they have always done, only virtually now. It is still up to parents to communicate with their children, to set and maintain limits, and schedule screen-free play time.

Children these days are growing up in a “digital age” and the way they learn and play will not be identical to the way parents grew up. Online games and educational apps are good resources, but parents should “co-engage” with their children. The research article states that it is not about how much time the child sits in front of the screen, but the quality of the content. Are you participating in screen time with your child? Great. Are you using the screen as a way to distract your child so you can get work done? Not so great. As with anything, balance is key