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NOAA art contest

Art contest focuses on marine debris: How kids can enter

No, you don't use actual marine debris. In fact, it's not allowed.

Marine debris (trash on the beach and in the ocean) is a huge environmental problem.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraton (NOAA) wants to harness kids’ passion and creativity to call attention to it.

The NOAA Marine Debris Art Contest is seeking entries from kids from kindergarten through eighth grade. Winning entries will be part of a calendar to provide a daily reminder of how important it is to be responsible stewards of the ocean. Here is this year’s calendar, for inspiration.

To be clear: the art should be about marine debris but should not contain it. (No beach trash collages!)

Entries will be judged on creativity, artistic presentation and relevance to the theme. The themes NOAA is looking for are: How marine debris impacts the ocean, and how to help prevent marine debris.

NOAA art contest, more things to know

Your entry should be one, 8.5×11-inch sheet of paper (landscape format), must be hand-drawn (no computer graphics) and not brand-specific. For example, if you want to note the dangers of, say, soda cans on the beach, do not label those cans as “diet Coke.”

It must be flat; as mentioned, no collages. Include a description of up to 75 words. Don’t worry: It’s quite easy to write 75 words; you might be surprised!

Entries can be mailed or submitted electronically (JPEG, PNG or TIFF).

The deadline is Dec. 15, and here’s where to find full details and an entry form.

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