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In Edmonds writing project, teens share honest accounts of difficult life experiences


For seven years, students at Scriber Lake High School in Edmonds have written honest accounts of their difficult life experiences.

Led by educator Marjie Bowker, the school’s writing program aims to promote healing and literacy through personal storytelling. Seattle’s Child is honored to reprint abridged versions of three student essays from the 2019 collection "Listen: Young Writers Reflect on Chaos, Clarity, Action, Balance."


Brian (not his real name), left, shares: "Respeto Y Responsabilidad," the heartbreaking and horrifying story of the deportation of his father.

Mindy Filla, center, writes: "Plankton: One teen's story about anxiety," in which she details coping with bullying at school and abuse at home.

Brieaunna Dacruz, right, vividly and honestly describes addiction in "I Wish I Hated It: A Teen's Story About Addiction."



 The essays have been edited for length. The full collection, "Listen: Young Writers Reflect on Chaos, Clarity, Action, Balance," can be purchased at Edmonds Bookshop (111 5th Ave. S.) or on Amazon.comAll proceeds from book sales will support future student writing programs at Scriber Lake.