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Jan. 1 hike

Kick off 2021 with a Jan. 1 hike

Happy new year! Go take a hike.

Take a Jan. 1 hike: Start the new year right by getting some fresh air and exercise, either close to home or in a Washington State Park.

The traditional First Day Hikes will not be an organized activity this year because of COVID-19 safety protocols.

But many state parks and Sno-Parks will be open for a Jan. 1 hike, many with free admission, and more than welcoming for families to who want to explore. Here’s their blog post on what they’re calling a “Choose Your Own Adventure” activity.

America’s State Parks, the organization behind First Day Hikes, asks park visitors to recreate responsibly, provided these “fun stats” they collected about those who took a Jan. 1 hike in 2020:

  • 85,000 people rang in the new year with First Day Hikes.
  • Their mileage nationwide totaled 176,366 miles
  • That was an average of 2 miles per person,
  • They burned calories equivalent to 41,348 fast-food burgers
  • They took more than 4 million steps or seven trips around the equator.

Here’s where to find what’s open right now. in Washington state parks. And here are the free-admission days for 2021.

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