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Lack of sleep doesn’t keep her from helping kids | Unsung Hero

Kate Ginn of Tacoma, a mom of two, is an advocate and friend to parents and caregivers

Seattle’s Child is proud to partner with the state Department of Children, Youth and Families Strengthening Families Washington to honor outstanding caregivers doing important work on behalf of children.

All month long, we’ll introduce you to Unsung Heroes from around the state: biological parents, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents. Some volunteer at local schools; some have started nonprofits; some mentor others in their communities. Enjoy their stories.


Kate Ginn, Tacoma


Kate Ginn is a mother of two young children, her most recent child being born in July 2022.

From her first pregnancy until now, she has demonstrated an innate ability to overcome stress while balancing continued and persistent work in the community, more specifically the early learning community in Pierce County.

Kate has built a reputation as a champion for the smallest members of our community as well as an advocate and friend to parents and caregivers. Kate has been pivotal in reaching community partners through her work over the last several years with First5FUNdamentals. Kate knows deeply the struggles of being a new parent; currently, her 5-month-old has reflux, which has contributed to large wake windows and, subsequently, a lack of sleep for Kate.

Despite the effects on her own sleep schedule, Kate has supported his well-being as a nurturing mother during this time and returned to work at the beginning of November. Her quality of work to the community and staff has remained incredible despite these challenges. Kate has relied on her personal and professional support systems. Although a second-time mom, she understands and welcomes new knowledge and insight, utilizing community resources such as Family Connects and Baby Lounges. She demonstrates being a lifelong learner, seeking support in these places, asking questions to help her children thrive.


Nominators: Muriel Herrera-Velasquez & McKinley McPheeter



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