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Thoughts on CHOP: Steve Mentzer

Steve Mentzer, visiting CHOP with his family, said that while he supported the activism, he wouldn't want his kids at CHOP alone at night. “I think any time you get a very diverse group of people together, there is always going to be conflict. I think the challenge here is that because there is no official law enforcement in thearea, and the fact that for the most part... it is an open-carry area. There is always going to be the prevalence of someone getting stupid, drinking something, drug influence and then conflict are going to break out.” Photo by Miska Salemann

Looking back on Seattle parents’ thoughts on CHOP

Interviews with six Seattle parents in CHOP on Father's Day.

While visiting Capitol Hill writer and photographer Miska Salemann talked to parents she met about their thoughts on CHOP. She did these interviews on Father’s Day, the day after Lorenzo Anderson, 19, died after someone shot him in Cal Anderson Park. Police forced the protesters from the zone on Wednesday, July 1. The environment these pictures and interviews describe no longer exists, except as a vivid moment in Seattle’s history. She also took a video which you can find here.

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Miska Salemann

As a journalism student at Northeastern a university, I have a special interest in covering social and political issues as they relate to younger demographics. Some of my past work is featured in local Boston papers and the Huntington News at Northeastern. I am currently interning at the United Nations Population Fund, where I work in communications. I grew up in the Seattle area and love spending the summers hiking and out on the lake!