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homemade bubbles

Make bubbles the easy way at home

Make homemade bubbles with Make and Takes blogger Marie LeBaron!

Here’s how to make a homemade bubbles solution to blow some big beautiful bubbles. When it’s time to blow them, please find a place in your yard or driveway where they won’t float on the neighbors.

Homemade bubbles: supplies

4 cups water

1 cup store-bought dish soap

1/4 cup corn syrup

container – plastic tub, gallon jug




1. Pour and mix all of the ingredients into a bowl or jug. I suggest using a funnel to help with the pouring if you’re using a plastic jug container. Using a jug is great so you can shake it up really good, but you could whisk it all together in a bowl too. Let the solution settle a little, then pour it into a flat container, like a plastic tub. This way it’s easier to dip your items into the solution.

2. Now it’s time to blow big beautiful bubbles! We used all kinds of items to blow our bubbles, things from around the house:

·       rubber bands

·       metal rings

·       cookie cutters

·       bubble wands

·       wiffle ball

·       even the top end of a salt shaker


Have fun blowing your homemade bubbles!

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