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mary's place, 11/17/20

Mary’s Place launches No Child Sleeps Outside campaign

Shelter's fundraising goal to place more kids in housing: $2 million.

Mary’s Place has started its seventh annual No Child Sleeps Outside campaign, which aims to raise $2 million to ensure kids and their family members have access to adequate shelter. 

Despite $3 million being raised towards that goal last year, Mary’s Place reports that hundreds of kids and families are sleeping outside. Mary’s Place’s five King County Family Centers, including one inside Amazon headquarters, only have space for about half the families requesting a spot. 

And there’s an additional hurdle: Families who have recently moved into their own places might soon need help if they face trouble when the COVID-19 eviction moratorium comes to an end.

The organization hopes that it can use funds raised this year to create a Rapid Response Fund, which will open up more shelter space for families with kids as it moves other families into permanent housing. 

The campaign kicked off on Tuesday with a live-streaming virtual event on Facebook:

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, at 5:30 p.m., Mary’s is hosting Game In Night. Tickets are $30 per person, and there will be a variety of team-based virtual games, including scavengers hunts and trivia quizzes.

There’s also a No Child Sleeps Outside Virtual Scavenger Hunt planned for Saturday, Dec. 12, and Sunday, Dec. 13. You can play with a team of friends or family members, as long as you have an Internet connection and the Let’s Roam app on your phone. The hunt is $50 per team. 

To donate to Mary’s Place, start a fundraising team or sign up for a game event, please visit

 The fundraising campaign is running until Dec. 31 and has many business sponsors and partners involved.

Mary’s also has a page so that you can donate items to help local families in need, Share Your Stuff.


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