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Nature's palette

India Tree’s cookie décor creates wholesome hues


Entrepreneur Gretchen Goehrend loves sweet traditions: she named her Ballard-based sugar and spice company, India Tree, after her mother’s Spode china set. And her efforts to eliminate artificial colors and preservatives from food coloring and sugar sprinkles —  two staples of holiday baking — have given the next generation of bakers more options to beautify their creations. “We get letters from people from people with allergies who are able to enjoy decorating again,” says Goehrend of India Tree’s subtle, lovely hues that have captured the fancy of everyone from Martha Stewart to the bakeries at Whole Foods markets. First time decorating with all-natural colors? Remember that the lack of preservatives means these won’t keep in your fridge for years on end (which we think is a good thing!). And Goehrend recommends that you consult India Tree’s coloring guides for frosting recipes and color combinations: Find India Tree’s Nature’s Colors food colorings, sparkling sugars, and other decorating essentials at Metropolitan Market, Sur La Table, and

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Karen Gaudette Brewer