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One of the paintings Meenakshi Sinha auctions on her site to raise money for community organizations.

Meenakshi Sinha auctions paintings, like this one of sunflowers to raise money for community organizations.

Artist paints to raise money for non-profits

Meenakshi Sinha auctions her paintings for local charities.

Meenakshi Sinha paints to raise money for non-profits.

Sinha started painting in watercolors and acrylics as a hobby. Her husband gave her her first paints, a beginnner’s set, 4 years ago, and she started building the skill to paint landscapes, flowers, and portraits of dancing women.

She turned her passion for art into a new profession, and a way to raise money for charity.  Many of Sinha’s pictures resemble Monet’s Impressionist style. “I like a lot of texture and bright colors”, Sinha said.

Meenakshi Sinha loves textures and painting with acrylics


Giving back to the community

Sinha auctions her artwork on her Facebook page: The Giving Canvas.  Community members bid on the art, and then she donates the highest bid to various non-profits around the the Washington area.

Her most recent donation included 4 watercolor paintings to frontline staff at Overlake Hospital. “I wanted to help make them feel appreciated with everything that they are doing.”

Sinha donated paintings to frontline workers at Overlake Hospital

The Giving Canvas has over 1600 followers. These followers help her find new organizations to help. “I feel like I’m an intermediary from community to non-profit. I feel a sense of satisfaction, creating something to make a difference in the community,” said Meenakshi.

The charities she helps work on a variety of causes, including access to food, shelter, clothing, animal adoption and women’s causes.

Follow her on Facebook and make a bid at her weekly auction. Bid high for her amazing work and donate to a worthy cause.

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